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"The market flows from one series of patterns to the next, starting and ending with a trend."

The Secret To Trading Well Is Knowing How The Market Moves

Jennifer's Trading

The most valuable lessons in trading were learned in the first few weeks. It's that mentality: "everything you need to know in life you learned in Kindergarten." Okay, well maybe not everything, but the basics are what sustain a trader. A simple moving average might be the oldest indicator in the history of charting price, and yet it tells you everything you need to know to follow price action and anticipate tradeable market movements.

Observation without judgment is great for yoga, but not so good for market analysis. Make observations, take meaningful information from your indicators, and make educated trade decisions. Don't forget to keep it simple!

I'm not saying it's easy - I'm saying you can make it more simple.

Learn a little, trade a little, make a little. It adds up to something worthwhile.

  • Knowing how price action produces repeatable patterns brings purpose to your charting.
  • Knowing the risk means knowing how far price can move against you and still be in the correct position for your trade.
  • Closing trades when they are profitable may not produce bragging rights, but it will produce a reliable gain.

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