Combo Trade Alerts – Text or Email

You can get Combo Trade Alerts by SMS text message or email on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning between 10:00 am and 11:00 am Eastern Time.

My goal is 1 to 3 winning trades per week and to pay off any losses in the week they occur. If you close your profitable trades (while they’re in profit), and you quit trading while you’re ahead, you will build something significant for yourself.

Note:  If you are a member of the Live Trading Room, you do not need to subscribe to Combo Trade Alerts. The Live Trading Room subscription includes these alerts.

Combo Trade Planning:

I plan most of my trades from the 4-hour charts based on anticipation of repeatable market movements.

  1. Trend Trades:  Opportunities to trade trend continuation and trend retracement are lined up with Combo and Hopper strategies, planned according to price’s location relative to the 50 and 100 simply moving averages.
  2. Inside Range Trades – Opportunities to trade in between the Combo Lines (50 and 100 SMA).
  3. Outside Range Trades – Opportunities to trade when price is swinging above both moving averages, then below both moving averages, then above both, etc. These patterns produce trend-like opportunities with direction and momentum expected, as well as range patterns where price action is expected to slow down. Outside Ranges are balanced and mathematical which makes them great for planning targets and entries.

Trading Schedule:

My trading routine starts pretty early in the morning! Most days I’m up at 4:00 am Pacific Time, which is 7:00 am New York Time, and I work up analysis on the Forex market. My trades are opened with pending orders, which make it easy to share my trade ideas with you. No matter what time zone you live in, the trades I plan setup with plenty of advanced notice. Once I have my plans in order, I keep an eye on the charts, but I’m not chained to my computer until I get an open trade. I assess the market in either the Asian or Pre-London sessions, or both, to grab new setups before going to bed. I sleep through the London session, but some of my best trades come from pending orders I placed before going to bed. Waking up to a profitable trade is even better than coffee!

During the summer, I will switch to the shorter time frame charts, and aim for smaller targets when the market environment is slower.

Indicators I Use:

I use moving averages, MACD, RSI, pivot points, and Bollinger Bands. I also use my custom indicators: The Simply Combo Indicator, The Hopper Indicator, The Hopper MACD, the Market Conditions Indicator and The Button semi-automated program. The custom indicators are available separately and not required for Trade Alerts members. I do all my analysis from the daily, 4-hour and 15-minute charts.


I’ll text you!

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Special Notice:  I do not offer trading advice specific to your individual account. You are responsible for your own trading decisions. Combo Trade Alerts are for educational purposes only. Combo Trade Alerts produce signals identifying ideas for trade entries and exits based on Combo Trade strategies. Trading involves a high degree of risk. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading online and consult an independent financial adviser if you have any doubts. By subscribing to Combo Trade Alerts you are inviting me to send my trade ideas to you via SMS text messaging and/or email.