Online Courses

Live Trading Room Crash Course: 

These recordings were created for my Live Trading Room clients in an effort to bring them up to speed with the Combo Trading strategies and techniques. The information contained in these 3, 90-minute lessons, was accumulated over my 15 years of trading practice. While the markets have seen a lot of changes in that time, I can honestly say ... It just keeps getting better!

  • Combo method for anticipating price action.
  • Jennifer's Price Action Flowchart - downloadable.
  • The Basics Of Trading: MACD, Hopper Trades, Combo Lines, Combo Trades
  • Putting patterns together with Hopper signals.


Combo-Hopper Summer Course

  • Combo method for anticipating price action.
  • Hopper Techniques for trading.
  • MACD - Know how to use this powerful indicator.
  • Combo-Hopper Trade.
  • The Monday Trade.
  • Geared for the quiet market conditions, but applicable year-round.
  • Includes 2 custom indicators: Hopper Indicator and the Hopper MACD indicator.
  • Different time frames.
  • Apply the strategy to gold futures.


Simply Combo 2  - Know How The Market Moves

  • Know how the market moves, and you know how to trade.
  • Price Action Flow Chart, because price flows from one series of repeatable patterns to the next.
  • Know when to take the heat, and when to take the loss.
  • Trend trades and range trades for the repeatable patterns.


Simply Combo 1  - The Combo Trade Strategy

  • 3 Trade entry strategies.
  • 3 Phases of market activity.
  • 3 Trade secrets from more than a decade of looking at charts.
  • 3 Bonus Lessons