Fully Automated

  • Tradomatic is ready to trade on multiple symbols and different time frame charts.

  • Fully automated trading strategy that looks for trend trades, or the trend-like portions of wide swinging ranges, based on the repeatable patterns of trends and ranges.

  • Customizable profit target and stop-loss, as well as multiple programmable backstops to lock in profit and prevent the possibility of loss as the trade becomes profitable.

  • Manually close trades anytime if you choose.  Profits range from 10 to 200 pips. Maximum loss, by default, is -40 to -75 pips.

  • Stops trading when it detects unpredictable choppy price action, or trend  behavior that appears over-extended.

  • Runs on Metatrader4. Tradomatic takes an average of 1 to 5 trades per week, depending on the time frame chart.



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20% Discount


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The Button Program

  • The Button is a semi-automated trading program that puts interactive buttons right on your Metatrader4 charts. Click a button to activate the program to open or close trades for you, as well as perform other tasks on demand.

  • 11 interactive buttons are placed directly on your chart, each with a specific function. 

  • The MACD strategies are automated to open or close trades based on the MACD Line position relative to zero or relative to the Signal Line. Click on any of the Hopper/MACD buttons to turn the strategy on when you are ready to walk away, and this trading program will take over for you.

  • Automate tedious trading tasks such as changing or placing your stop-loss or profit target, or drawing and erasing missed pivots on your chart. You can also stop-and-reverse to close the open trade and immediately open another trade in the opposite direction without wasting a second. Click. Done. 

  • There is a button that calculates a mathematical stop-loss or profit target based on current market conditions. 

  • Training videos are included to help you get started.



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Where the human discretionary trader is weak, trading robots are strong. Here are some things an automated program simply does better than a human.

  • Never sleeps.
  • Never misses a setup in a 24-hour market.
  • Never takes a trade if conditions are not perfect.
  • Never fudges the rules.
  • Never gets scared, stressed out, or tired.
  • Never pulls a stop.

Automation has no ego, no emotion, no children, nor does it have a “day job.” An automated trading program is a great complement to your discretionary trading.