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I know how to trade because I know how to identify repeatable patterns in price action.

When I first learned how to trade I was infatuated with every indicator, strategy and charting technique I could find. I read books and traveled the country taking classes from respected authors, teachers and trading gurus.

I saw that every charting platform came pre-loaded with the usual offering of technical indicators for charting. After trying a few expensive proprietary indicators which did no more for me than the obvious application of the free ones, I decided I would make it my business to study every freely available indicator in depth. I broke out of the mindset of mainstream teaching, and discovered I could trade as well as the “pros” from my kitchen table, while shuffling my day job and my 3 young children.

This is what I know – it’s a lot more simple than people want you to think. All price action can be categorized into trends and ranges. Know the repeatable patterns, anticipate what comes next, and trade.

I’ve been trading since 2001. I began developing my own trading strategies in 2005, and started publishing my notes and trade plans in 2009. That adds up to thousands of hours of face time in my charts, and quite a few years of proofing the success of my trading strategies.  There is no substitute for experience when it comes to trading price patterns, because in the live market environment there are many shifting variables. I look for repeatable patterns, but it’s also true that it could be a long time before I see a repeat of today’s pattern.

I had no choice but to develop my skills as I faced things like U.S. regulations which removed hedging, restricted the ability close profitable trades if older ones were still opened (FIFO), and greatly reduced leverage. These changes were devastating at the time but, it worked in my favor, because these new rules meant getting a lot better at trading or getting out of the game all together.

Public speaking and publishing my trade calls 3 days a week has been a great experience, too. I developed my communication skills as I’ve learned how to share my thoughts and explain what I see in the market so others can follow me. It’s important to be consistent in trading. Making a 100 pip win is only great if it’s something I know I can repeat. Experience has taught me to be patient, careful, focused, and consistently trade the same setups over and over when the market produces repeatable patterns.

I’ve been offering Combo Trade Alerts since 2014 with very few cancellations.  When my clients tell me their trading has improved because of the notes on my charts and my trade planning, it makes me happy and motivates me to continue putting out my best work for them.

If you are serious about trading, I am serious about you.
Be calm, trade well.