I’m struggling to call for new trades today with RBA rate this Asian session, and  NFP tomorrow U.S. session. Be cautious and don’t leave trades un-attended.

I like the idea of of looking for sells on GBPUSD, GBPAUD, EURUSD, EURAUD, but taking small trades with tight stops is the best idea, which is easiest to do from the 5 or 15 minute charts. Sells are already in progress from the shorter time frame charts, so we have two options: sell from the 4H charts with wider stop loss, or wait and see if price returns to the moving averages on the 5 min charts, and plan sells from there.

EUR/USD 5 MIN:  http://bit.ly/1IZ4kJ4

EUR/USD 4HOUR:  http://bit.ly/1EaKZxe

GBP/USD 5 MIN: http://bit.ly/1EaKRxN

GBP/USD 4 HOUR: http://bit.ly/1IPD0Ll

GBP/AUD 4 HOUR: http://bit.ly/1JO2Ekp

EUR/CAD 4 HOUR: http://bit.ly/1STDpTR