Jennifer's MACD Trading Series

Hello Yo's! Please enjoy the recordings from Jennifer's Trading Webinar Series 2016.
The videos are listed with newest first, so please start at the bottom of the page if you are visiting this site for the first time.

The Button semi-automated trading program for Metatrader4 was designed to help you capture the MACD trading strategy.  The Button program is currently unavailable.

Session #10: Ideas for making it stick and getting started with The Button/MACD strategies. Last session! Training continues on June 1st for Button Members.

Session #9: Applying the MACD Tricks To Your Other Strategies.
Review session of the entire series.

Session #8: The MACD Close -
MACD has so many tricks up its sleeve!

Session #7: The Monday Trade

Session #6: Stop-And-Reverse; Mini Pivots Lesson

Session #5: Measured Stop Loss And Measured Profit Target

Session #4: Reverse Trigger Finger

Session #3: Combo-Hopper

Session #2: MACD For Direction And Momentum

Session #1: Intro To The Hopper And Intro To The MACD


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