Combo-Hopper Summer Course

  • Combo method for anticipating price action.
  • Hopper Techniques for trading.
  • MACD - Know how to use this powerful indicator.
  • Combo-Hopper Trade.
  • The Monday Trade.
  • Geared for the quiet market conditions, but applicable year-round.
  • Includes 2 custom indicators: Hopper Indicator and the Hopper MACD indicator.
  • Different time frames.
  • Apply the strategy to gold futures.

Simply Combo 1  - The Combo Trade Strategy

  • 3 Trade entry strategies.
  • 3 Phases of market activity.
  • 3 Trade secrets from more than a decade of looking at charts.
  • 3 Bonus Lessons

Simply Combo 2  - Know How The Market Moves

  • Know how the market moves, and you know how to trade.
  • Price Action Flow Chart, because price flows from one series of repeatable patterns to the next.
  • Know when to take the heat, and when to take the loss.
  • Trend trades and range trades for the repeatable patterns.