Successful Trader

Information about the upcoming class.

Key elements for trading.

Successful Forex trading is the result of combining your ability to follow repeatable patterns in price and anticipate market movements based on fundamental economic events and news. There is no guarantee of results when trading a speculative market. However, successful trading comes to those who pay careful attention to the limitations of anticipating a live market, their own cognitive psychology, and their own trading plan vs their ideals about trading strategy. Your success in trading is derived from your ability to pay attention to what is happening and decipher theory from fact, a repeatable pattern from luck, and success from the random thrill of a single win.

It’s a process, but not an ongoing excuse. 

This class is an invitation to study your own mental process including memory, pattern recognition, focus, problem solving, trade planning, loss recovery and control of emotional states for maximal performance. Everything you need to know to trade successfully is available to you to learn and practice. While it’s a process of integration of several key elements, there comes a time when the student needs to become the successful trader. No more excuses. Cross over to successful trading with this complete plan for capturing the patterns and capturing your own ability to focus on the profits that lead to your success.

Successful Trader Mindmap 

Here is a collection of ideas I will discuss with you in the Successful Trader class.

Class starts December 2, 2019.
Registration opens Friday, November 22nd. 

Jennifer Thornburg