Are you stuck in a rut
with trading?

Let me give you a tug!

Get un-stuck when you get away from the ideals that got you there in first place.


Course Outline For Successful Trading

Part 1

The first half of the class is to identify the problems that keep you from being successful in trading.

  • The real reason traders fail.

  • Expectations – Get farther faster by lowering your expectations and meaning it! Traders who don’t expect to win and trade anyway will have trouble making lasting progress.

  • Focus – Everyone has weaknesses. Learn to make yours work for you rather than against you.

  • What are the reasons a trade loses?

  • What you do after a loss defines you as a trader. If you’re sticking to a sound trading plan, you shouldn’t have too many losses in the first place. But when you do have a loss, what you do next is key to staying on top.

Part 2

The second half of the class is to help you clarify a trading plan to get to a specific goal.

  • Learn a trading strategy for finding good points of entry and good times to trade.

  • Know how many pips you can make every week, so you can plan on it.

  • Make an end goal, and create a strategy for achieving it.

  • Take control of your business. Success in trading won’t come to you in any other way.