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After spending well over $10,000.00 over the last 10 years to “Mentors” and the big trading schools to learn to trade forex, I was blessed to find Jennifer and her simply combo courses. They are very inexpensive and it finally clicked with me because they have real basis and not just the new best course to sell you.  She is the one true professional I have found as she is in it to teach others and has stuck with the same strategy in the 2-3 years I have found her.  She really cares about her students.  In her Live Trading Room, you see every morning exactly what she sees on the charts and she spends whatever time needed to help you understand what she sees.  Thanks to Jennifer I Retired at 55 and am now trading for a living.  I could never have been here without Jennifer! I am so grateful to Jennifer.

Ron P.

Jennifer’s teachings have transformed my ability to understand price patterns, I can finally analyze charts with confidence. I only wish I had this information sooner! 

Thank You Jennifer!

Just wanted to THANK YOU for the best day I have had on Forex using your indicators and price action!!! I trade the market from 7.00am BST to 9.00am Bst on a 5 min chart with pivots and the number of times your target is accurate is great. Many many thanks. Brilliant.
With Kindest Regards
Don M.

It’s Hopper time!! Just to think of this strategy makes me smile, it’s so rewarding, so giving and the most important part: so simple! I have been using the Hopper since I took the course around six years ago and it never stops amazing me how easy it is to get the easy pips in the first impulse of the Hopper or to let it run and get a big reward.

Cenith B

Your MACD/Hopper Course really changed the way I look at and use MACD. After studying the Hopper, you can’t un-see how the MACD line and histogram bars can work for you! Jennifer did an excellent job teaching how the MACD Hopper is just math, math that makes you money!